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Player Turns

Turns are achieved by sending small push notifications between players' phones. Make sure your phone is not set to DO NOT DISTURB.

Sometimes turns are slow. What causes that?

Players in the game are connected through small data-only push notifications. Regardless of how far apart players are physically (across the room or across the country), these push notifications have to travel through an elaborate network. The amount of data is small so hopefully you'll see messages travel between players within a few seconds. Network loads across the Internet can affect that deliverability.

Basic Gameplay

Cambio Connect allows up to four of your friends and family to play a turn-based game of Cambio from their iOS devices. The goal of the game is to have the lowest point value at the end of the game. This is achieved by discarding high-value cards and swapping cards with other players.

Memory is the key to playing this game. You only get to see two of your cards initially. You'll want to remember your cards and those of the other players as you play.

On your turn you'll double-tap the deck to draw a card. Then drag and drop it on cards in your hand. You can also double-tap to quickly discard. If another player discards a card of one suit, and you have the same card in another, you can double-tap and stack that card. This removes a card from your hand. But be careful! If you stack the wrong card you'll get a penalty!

When you think your cards can't get any better, call "Cambio". Each player has one more turn to improve their score. If you have the lowest score, you win! If you call Cambio, but don't have the lowest score, you get a penalty.